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Account Management

Account Management on Amazon

With ecommerce account management services, our experts grow your Amazon business by optimizing and managing your customer’s journey—from the ads that catch their eye to the content that drives their purchase—all while guiding you with high-level strategy and consulting. Take control of your day-to-day business on the platform by expanding your team and capability.

Revenue Recovery Program (RRP)

The OSA Revenue Recovery Program (RRP) is a dedicated initiative focused on recovering lost revenue from FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) shipments that have been affected by transit losses, theft, or damages. With a team of experienced experts, we collaborate closely with Amazon to secure reimbursements for our clients for any lost, stolen, or damaged goods. Our comprehensive efforts extend up to 18 months in the past, ensuring that our clients receive the financial restitution they rightfully deserve.

Seller Central Management & FBA Consulting

As Amazon seller consultants, we take your 3P business to the next level with proactive SEO, content, and advertising optimization along with strategic business planning designed to increase your sales on the Amazon platform.

Vendor Central Management

Every aspect of the Amazon platform is unique from other retailers. We made it our mission to embrace these intricacies and master them for our clients. With managed services, we become an extension of your team dedicated to maximizing your potential on the world’s largest online marketplace.

PPC Advertising

Advertising on Amazon

Amazon has the data. We have the expertise. With managed Amazon Display Advertising (DSP), we help you reach a highly targeted audience across the web, including customers who searched for, viewed, or purchased your product or a competitor’s product. When combined with our Amazon Sponsored Advertising services, a drastic increase in sales growth is virtually guaranteed.

Paid Search on Amazon

At this very moment, millions of Amazon customers are searching for their next purchase. Capture their attention and drive unprecedented sales growth with our custom full-funnel advertising strategies and management services. With the perfect combination of programmatic technology and advertising expertise, this is a partnership you won’t want to miss.

eRetailer Content Syndication Services

We Help Our Clients Create & Disseminate Best-In-Class Product Listings Across a Wide Range of eRetailers to Increase Discoverability and Improve Customer Conversion.

Walmart.com Advertising Services

Sponsored Advertising with Walmart can be highly effective at boosting sales. But it’s not a one-time effort. Brands need to constantly adjust their strategies based on seasonality, stock, competitive landscape, and more. Having an expert team dedicated to optimizing your campaigns on an ongoing basis is fundamental to sustainable growth on the platform.


Brand Store Fronts

Nearly 80% of Amazon shoppers use the platform to discover new products or brands. And brand stores are the only place on Amazon where you can make your introduction without the threat of your competitor. We help you set yourself apart with a custom storefront, then attract a crowd with Amazon Paid Search and Amazon Display Advertising.


Content Optimization

Optimized Basic and Enhanced Content attracts customers by increasing search ranking and converts them by offering compelling reasons to purchase. That’s why we design and optimize best-in-class Basic and Enhanced Brand Content to increase product discoverability and improve customer conversion.

SEO on Amazon

Customers start more product searches on Amazon than anywhere else on the web. Search engine optimization puts your product in front of the right customers by improving your Amazon search ranking and optimizing your search keywords. We increase your Amazon search ranking and build your share of voice by equipping keyword specialists with the industry’s top software tools.

Supply Chain Management

Forward line Replenishment Planning

OSA Forward Line Replenishment Planning is a strategic service designed to support FBA sellers by offering customized inventory recommendations on a weekly or monthly basis. Our expert team analyzes sales data and customer trends meticulously to determine optimal product quantities for shipment into FBA. By doing so, we help our clients avoid unnecessary storage costs while ensuring they always have the right amount of inventory to meet demand efficiently. Our goal is to empower FBA sellers with accurate and cost-effective replenishment strategies, enhancing their overall business success.

End – End Supply Chain Logistics

OSA offer complete end-to-end supply chain and logistics management solutions to drive your business forward. Our expert team handles inventory management, supplier relationships, shipment management, warehousing, and payable invoice tracking. With data-driven strategies, we optimize inventory levels, ensure timely deliveries, and reduce storage costs.

Additional ways to grow

Global Expansion

OSA has a global team of experts with extensive experience in navigating various Amazon Marketplaces. We support clients worldwide, and our expertise covers a wide range of industries and product categories.

Expanding your business into other countries can be challenging, but OSA can help make it a seamless process. Our team understands the unique cultural, legal, and logistical challenges that come with expanding into new markets. With our support, you can confidently expand your business to new territories while ensuring your success on Amazon.

No matter where you are located, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Our global presence and diverse expertise make us the ideal partner for any business looking to succeed on Amazon, no matter the location or marketplace.