6 Essential Amazon Seller Tools to Boost Sales in 2024

9 Essential Amazon Seller Tools to Boost Sales in 2023

Amazon seller tools help people who sell products on Amazon. These tools make selling easier and more successful. This article talks about important seller tools to use in 2024.

There are tools to find good search words, also called keywords. Other tools make product listing pages better. Some tools manage the number of products you have. Other tools watch your sales and help you make good choices. Some tools make Amazon ads easier. Tools also get reviews and feedback. Finally, there are tools to sell groups of products together.

The article explains what each tool does. It tells why the tools help sell more. Using these tools helps Amazon sellers make more money.

Keyword research tools like Helium 10 Cerebro allow you to find the right search terms to target. These tools tell you how often shoppers search for keywords on Amazon. They also show the number of competitors bidding on those keywords. With this information, you can choose less competitive keywords where your listings can rank higher.

Cerebro provides data on:

  • Search volume – how many searches for a term each month
  • Competition – number of sellers bidding on a keyword
  • Trends – identifies rising and falling search terms

Say you sell fitness watches. Cerebro may show high demand for “running watch” but lots of competing listings too. The data could reveal lower competition for “waterproof stopwatch.”

Optimizing listings for that long tail keyword can drive more visibility. Cerebro also tracks your keyword rankings over time. So you can see if listing tweaks help you rank higher.

Monitoring tools identify new opportunities too. For example, searches may spike for “fitness gifts” before the holidays. Using this intel, you can better promote items during certain seasons.

Listing Optimization Tools

Listing Optimization Tools

Listing optimization tools help sellers make their product listings shine. These tools analyze listings to find areas for improvement. For example, they may notice that some product titles are too long or use words that buyers do not search for often.

Image enhancers are an important type of listing tool. They edit and fix product photos to make them look professional. Well-done pictures grab buyers’ attention. Images should be the right size for the Amazon site too. Sellers can use an image analyzer tool to automatically check for issues.

Another useful listing tool checks prices. It looks at the seller’s price compared to competitors. If the price is higher than others, they may get fewer sales. Repricing tools can automatically adjust prices to stay competitive. They help items get the “Buy Box,” which means more orders!

Getting more sales starts with great listings. Optimization tools give constructive feedback to make listings shine. They help sellers pick better titles, write good bullet points, show excellent photos, and set fair prices. Listings that “wow” buyers lead to more success on Amazon.

Inventory Management Amazon Seller Tools

Inventory Management Tools

Keeping track of your products is key for selling on Amazon. Inventory management tools give you control over your FBA stock in one place. These handy programs let you see how many items you have at Amazon’s warehouses across the country.

Top inventory planners use smart data to know when to order more products. They make guesses about how much stock you’ll need in the future. Planning ahead this way means you won’t run out of bestselling goods. Some other inventory helpers can connect to all your sales channels too. This gives a full picture so you don’t oversell an item that’s also listed on your website.

Repricers instantly change prices to stay competitive. If another seller drops their price, repricers will lower yours automatically. You choose minimum prices so you don’t lose money. Repricers help you get the buy box more often so more shoppers add your items to their carts.

Having the right amount of inventory while staying profitable is vital on Amazon. Management tools make stock decisions easier for FBA success. Connecting plans, counts, and prices gives you control over your store’s products.

Sales & Analytics Amazon Seller Tools

Monitoring your sales and finding trends is key to growing your Amazon business. Sales and analytics software gives sellers the information they need. These programs track important numbers daily and over longer periods of time.

With analytics tools, you can see metrics like:

  • Buy box rate – how often your listings get the prime spot
  • Number of units sold
  • Number of reviews
  • Sales by product, by day, week, month, and year

Robust analytics and reports help you spot opportunities. You can see which products sell best during different seasons. Knowing when sales spike allows you to prepare with more inventory. Reports also show listings getting lots of views but few sales. That data helps you improve those listings to drive more conversions.

Analytics empower smart business decisions. Detailed insights shine a light on what’s working well and what needs work. With key information, sellers can better manage inventory, pricing, advertising, and new product selection. Partnering with the right sales and analytics software pays off with higher sales and profits.

Advertising Tools

Advertising Tools

Promoting your products with pay-per-click (PPC) ads can help more shoppers find your listings. Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products campaigns show your ads to people searching for related keywords on Amazon. The right advertising tools make it easy to create and monitor these ads.

Campaign managers let you set up PPC campaigns in a few clicks. They have auto-targeting features to automatically find high-potential search terms related to your products. This saves tons of time compared to manually picking keywords. These platforms also provide handy dashboards to see how your ads are performing. Helpful metrics show clicks, sales, cost-per-click, and return on ad spend.

Smart bidding technologies help maximize results. For example, some tools automatically adjust bids to get more clicks when products are selling well and fewer clicks when inventory is low. Review the performance data regularly to find opportunities to improve campaigns. Turn off low-performing keywords or increase bids on standout terms driving sales.

PPC advertising complements SEO, product launches, and promotions. With the right ads and tools optimizing them, sellers reach shoppers actively searching for products on Amazon. This leads to more visibility and sales.

Feedback Software Amazon Seller Tools

Feedback Software

Getting reviews and comments from buyers is key for Amazon sellers. Feedback software helps you ask customers for reviews at the best time. The tools let you send review requests to many buyers together.

Good feedback software can also:

  • Let you answer reviews quickly, even if you get a lot
  • See if reviews are good or bad
  • Find what people like and don’t like about your products

For example, if you sell toys and get some bad reviews saying they break easily, you know you should find toys that are more sturdy. Or if people wish your shirts came in more colors, you can start selling more options.

Review request software helps you see what buyers want so you can improve. It also gets your good reviews seen by more potential customers. This helps convince shoppers that your product is worth buying.

Having lots of good reviews with stars makes people more likely to purchase. So taking the time to get feedback and reviews is important if you want to sell more on Amazon. The right tools make it much easier.

Bundling Tools

Grouping together products that go well together into bundled listings can help sellers increase their average order value. Bundling tools provide analysis to identify which products make good bundles that customers want to buy together. For example, the tool may show that customers who buy board games often also purchase card protectors at the same time. So the seller can create a bundled listing with a popular board game + a set of card protectors.

Bundling software also makes it easy to create and update bundled listings at scale. Sellers can add complementary products to bundles with just a few clicks. The tools optimize images, titles, and descriptions across all listings in the bundle automatically. This saves sellers time instead of having to update each listing one by one.

Metrics provided by bundling tools help sellers measure performance. Key data shows how well a bundle converts compared to individual listings. Sellers can see revenue directly attributed to bundled listings. This allows them to double down on the bundles that perform best. Reports also enable testing pricing strategies to maximize average order value. Getting bundle pricing right means more money in the seller’s pocket.

Drive Sales Momentum with the Right Tools

As an Amazon seller, having the right set of tools in your arsenal is critical for gaining an edge in this competitive landscape. By leveraging solutions for keyword research, listing optimization, inventory control, sales analytics, advertising automation, customer feedback, and bundling, brands can make data-driven decisions to boost conversions and maximize revenue.

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