How to Make Your Products Go Viral on Amazon

If you are selling products on Amazon, you have probably wondered how to get the most amount of eyes on your products as possible. Perhaps you have seen individual products go extremely viral and explode in sales in a short period of time and now you are wondering what YOU can do to get this effect for your business. Let’s walk through some steps and tactics necessary to showcase How to make your products go viral on amazon.

Creating Customer Empathy: A Tactic to Make Your Products Go Viral on Amazon

Mighty Patch from Hero Cosmetics had one of the most lucrative ad campaigns in history using social media. Their product helped young teens solve acne problems and helped clear their faces. In order to showcase and promote their product in advertisement, they tugged on the emotions and focused on empathizing with their clients. Their strategy bundled tips from a group of successful users who had seen success with the Mighty Patch to provide hope to all prospective customers. This TikTok campaign led to a 12% engagement rate, reaching over 4 million users on the platform. 

The Art of Accidentally Going Viral: Pink Stuff’s Success Story on TikTok

Pink Stuff by Star Drops accidentally stumbled across success on Tiktok. They were lucky that their product, Pink Stuff, went viral in the cleaning community on the app. Due to their visually appealing packaging and good reviews, the cleaning community shared and posted videos using the product in their videos, called a “stitch” on tiktok. Through this, the product blew up. But nothing is stopping you from exploring the niche communities thriving on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest, who will happily advertise your products for you. 

Optimize Your Amazon Listing: A Key to Making Your Products Go Viral

Optimizing, similar to SEO when you optimize your blogs or websites, allow your store or products to be found via keywords or key phrases based on individuals who are targeting your products using title, subtitle or text description. This will allow people to stumble upon your store and products through organic search on Amazon. 

The Visual Impact: How High-Quality Images Boost Your Amazon Sales

Using high-qaulity images with lots of white space around them. It is imperative that you use high-quality images with white spaces around them to make your products pop and to make your products go viral. This will increase sales according to many studies done on purchasing behaviors. Your Amazon storefront should be your own magazine, highlighting the quality of your products. 

Remember: don’t forget about video as well! A brief introductory video can go a long way towards establishing credibility with potential buyers who might otherwise prefer shopping at other stores if given no information.

Branding 101: Setting Up Your Amazon Store as a Memorable Brand

Create a logo that is enticing for customers and that is memorable when someone sees it. Think of Starbucks, Lululemon, CocaCola.. These massive brands all have a logo that we memorize and can recognize everywhere if we see it. This is your goal when creating a brand.

Effective Review Management: Building Trust to Help Make Your Products Go Viral

Follow them closely and respond accordingly when needed. It might be tempting as an owner to get angry, or respond harshly if someone comments negatively about your business or products.. It makes sense, to feel that way! However, it is important to respond positively and effectively guiding the customer’s worries in a positive manner. Whether it is offering a refund, commenting with suggestion on next steps, or thanking them for their review and saying you will take steps to get an issue fixed, this will go an extremely long way to get repeat purchases or forgiveness from customers.

Boost Customer Engagement: A Vital Step in Amazon Virality

Don’t forget that many people visit Amazon’s site every day and will start noticing if there are too few reviews (even good ones) on products in their favorite categories. 

Think Outside the Box: Leveraging Social Media for Amazon Success

With social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc… There are so many ways that these types of sites can benefit your business when used correctly; A good idea would be to post your own review of a product and share the link in the description of your post. This way you’re bringing attention to your brand and driving traffic to your store! You can also do this by doing video reviews and posting those on YouTube which will help you reach a different audience of people.

If you adapt all or a few of these tactics, your Amazon store will already be heading in the right direction. The biggest key is to be consistent with these tactics and you will make your products go viral. Many people will try these, but give up before their store has the chance of seeing success. Patience is the name of the game, and we cant stress that enough.