Boosting Product Recognition: Strategies for Business Success

Boosting Product Recognition: Strategies for Business Success

Why does CocaCola, one of the biggest and most well known brands in the world, constantly run ads on TV, social media, radio, billboards etc? It’s not like you see an ad for Coca Cola and automatically go online and buy a bottle or order one on Postmates, Doordash etc… So why!? Product recognition. 

The Importance of Product Recognition

Product Recognition is the hold a brand has on the consumer when you come across their product. CocaCola aims to make you remember their ads when you spot their products in stores which in turn, leads to purchases. Not only does this boost product recognition, but it is shown to significantly increase sales.

Brand and product recognition could also be a consumer knowing your product when they come across it online or in person. It could also be an individual knowing that your content is going to be funny when they come across it on their social media feed, or consumers choosing to purchase your product even if there are competitors with cheaper alternatives. 

Knowing this, one might wonder.. What can I do for my business to increase product recognition amongst consumers? In this blog, we’ll delve into steps for improving product recognition.

1) Providing Exceptional Customer Service for Recognition

In 2023, clients are looking for customer service that is quick and efficient. People in today’s world do not want to spend time trying to talk to someone and be on hold for hours or worry that what they buy online will not be of the quality they expected. Providing great customer service can help ease some concerns.

2) Crafting a Compelling Brand Story for Recognition

It is important to have an about page on your website to give the customer a deeper understanding about who you are as a company and brand. This can significantly increase product recognition because you are tying emotion into the purchase if your background story relates to the public. By showing who you are as a business, if a customer relates to your story, this can turn each purchase into a purchase tied to emotion helping to better boost your brand and product recognition.

3) Maximizing Visibility for Improved Product Recognition

There is truth to the phrase “Out of sight, out of mind.” All publicity is good publicity. This means, bombard the public with as much publicity as you can whether through social media posts, paid ads, physical marketing campaigns, influencer campaigns etc. All of these will significantly increase product recognition.

4) Delivering Value and Going Beyond for Recognition

Are you providing ways for your clients to learn and become better? This especially is important for any service based businesses. Help your customers learn more. If you are a clothing store, pump out blogs about fashion. A new blog per season, new fashion trends, etc. If you are a meditation blog or therapy business, put out information on relaxation, meditation, or other ways to be zen. This will increase your product recognition because people will want to consume your content and share with peers.

5) Engaging with Your Audience to Boost Recognition

Don’t be the brand that just posts and doesn’t engage back. Nothing will make a customer or follower go crazier (in a good way) then if a brand engages back on their social media posts, post comments, blog comments etc. Show the consumer you appreciate their engagement, and in turn, you will see increased product recognition.

If you follow through with all of these key steps, you will expedite the process of getting your services or products recognized 10x more often. 

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