Amazon Account Management Services: Boosting Your Business on the Marketplace

Unlocking Business Growth with Comprehensive Amazon Account Management Services

We’re back again with a new blog! This time a follow up from our last blog where we talked in more detail about OSA, and what makes up our agency. In this blog we want to expand deeper on the Amazon account management services that we offer, why they are essential, and what exactly they mean for your business. Read until the end because these are all crucial to help you get your Amazon store to the next level. Let’s dive into what we offer: Amazon Account Management, PPC Advertising, Operational Support, Amazon Branding, Amazon Page and Product Optimization, Supply Chain Management, and providing Global expansion of your Amazon page.

Expert Account Management: Elevating Your Amazon Store Operations

Let’s kick things off talking about one specific Amazon Account Management Service that can be hugely important to almost all store owners and that is Account Management! This allows us to take this part off your plate so you can run the day to day high level pieces of your business. Using OSA as your Amazon Account Management Specialists, will help you establish, develop and implement an efficient sales strategy on Amazon marketplace. 

We want to help you grow as a business because it is mutually beneficial for us that you do. Our team of amazon experts strive to offer personalized insights and recommendations in key areas such as fulfillment, account health, conversion growth, merchandising to help develop tailored industry specific strategies for your business. If all of this sounds like a foreign language, hit that “Contact” button on our site. We’d love to jump on a call to discuss in more detail so it makes sense.

Efficiency and Excellence: Operational Support for Your Amazon Store

Have you ever received a task at work, in school or in daily life which is redundant but necessary? These are usually the tasks we put off until the very last minute. Amazon can get like this as well in some instances. Let OSA help with Operational support including listing creation, catalog optimization and A+ content recommendations. We consider this a helping hand with each and every tactical, time consuming task during your Amazon store experience.

The final two areas within account management that our Amazon Account Management Services can be of immediate impact for your business is within staying current on the latest selling offerings and issue assistance. Since we are within the Amazon space all day, every day, let us be the ones who check for which opportunities are greatest for you and provide tailored guidance on this. Lastly, with issue assistance, nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with large corporations phone support, email support, etc. Our team will be with you every step of the way to troubleshoot, answer questions, and advise on next steps to ensure as little business interruption as possible.

Maximize Visibility and Revenue with Amazon PPC Advertising

“PPC” stands for “Pay Per Click.” This means that your coveted marketing dollars will only be spent when a potential customer clicks on your advertisement. PPC is prevalent across nearly all social platforms, google, and of course Amazon and is a major way to gauge engagement of an advertisement. It also is a leading Amazon Account Management Service for most starting businesses who do not want to spend $ without having a customer engage/click on their ad. The main benefit of Amazon PPC ads is that they allow you to promote your products in a very visible position while also providing a great detail of metrics in order to determine each specific ads’ effectiveness. The more clicks you get per ad, the more money you spend, BUT the higher chance of making more money you have.

Crafting a Powerful Brand Presence with Amazon Branding Services

A good brand is one of the most powerful marketing tools in the world. Your brand takes a while to build but can be ruined in the blink of an eye. This is why it is important to take your branding seriously on Amazon. An interesting statistic we like to point out is that approximately 80% of Amazon shoppers use Amazon to discover new products and brands. This is INCREDIBLY valuable for new businesses on the platform. How does a buyer determine whether or not they are interested in your product? By looking at your brand’s store which is the only place you can differentiate yourself from the masses and competitors. 

I like to give the example of social media as well. If you stumble upon a new Instagram page for a product or service that  you might have interest in, all you are going to do to gauge further interest is look at their Instagram username, Instagram bio, and the business’s first six to nine posts. If they don’t impress, boom, they lost a customer. This is the same for your Amazon storefront. Think of it as your own National Geographic opportunity where you need to have the most flattering and appealing material possible to showcase. OSA has subject matter experts that are strictly dedicated to just this to ensure you stand alone in the quality and effectiveness of your store.

Optimizing Success: Amazon Page and Product Optimization Strategies

The main component behind Amazon optimization is the Search Engine Optimization Aspect. The easiest way to explain this is through two examples. First let’s look at Google. Imagine you move to a new city where you know nobody and have never visited. There is one way you find a new doctor, attorney, grocery store, etc… through Googling of course! If you search “best lawyer in X” it is no coincidence which law firms show at the top. All of this is achievable through SEO! Companies and businesses will spend years and huge sums of money to ensure they get to the top of google and stay there. These businesses that are on the first page of Google receive all the traffic so it is an extremely valuable piece of marketing. 

This can be shown on Amazon as well. If you search on Amazon as a customer for a keyword or key phrase, products that show up once you hit “ENTER” can be manipulated by optimizing your Amazon Page and Products.  Let’s say I am a custom keychain company. If someone searches in Amazon “Keychains” I want to make sure my products are findable on that first Amazon page. The customer retention/engagement drop off is vast from the first to second page, so spending the time and money to get as high ranked as possible is key. This is arguably the best and most lucrative long term and scalable Amazon Account Management Service.

Seamless Supply Chain Management for FBA Success

The Amazon Account Management Services we offer related to Supply Chain Management is called Forward Line Replenishment Planning. This is a strategic service designed to support our FBA sellers by offering custom inventory recommendations on a weekly and monthly basis. In order to do this, our team of experts will analyze your sales data, customer trends, and traffic flow to determine optimal product quantities for shipment into FBA. 

We don’t want you to spend all your budget on a product if it is not moving in the quantities hoped for.. This helps our clients avoid extra storage costs while ensuring products will never be sold out to meet incoming demand. If a customer wants to buy, let’s ensure they can receive your product.  Let our team handle inventory management, warehousing, shipment management, and payable invoice tracking to streamline these processes. All of this can be done with our Amazon Account Management Services.

Global Expansion Made Easy: Amazon’s Reach Beyond Borders

Global Expansion is an Amazon Account Management Service that is exactly what it says….expanding Globally! Want to reach broader markets overseas? OSA can help. 

Click that contact button on our site and let’s schedule a free consultation where we can dive into your goals for your business. Our Amazon Account Management Services can be tailored towards any business. Let’s find the right service for you.